Cat Mini Wickedball
Cat Mini Wickedball
Cat Mini Wickedball
Cat Mini Wickedball
Cat Mini Wickedball
Cat Mini Wickedball
Cat Mini Wickedball

Cat Mini Wickedball

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No More Scratched Furniture

Now your cat has a place where it’s ok to give freedom to their natural instincts and work off stress! The Mini Wickedball is made from scratch resistant materials to be long lasting.


Great For Kittens & Cats Of All Sizes

The Cat Mini Wickedball is a one-size-fits-all toy! It's perfectly suited for the smallest kitty, as well as the biggest cats. Of course, excluding lions and tigers.


The Self-Rolling Bundle of Joy

This 100% automatic tiny Wickedball rolls all by itself once touched with your cats nose or paws. No apps, no control needed!


The Right Dose of Exercise Every Day

This magic ball rolls and bounces differently. You simply need to choose the level right for their mood and go… Leave it to go, and let them play!

We make it super easy to set up, push the button to choose between normal, gentle or active modes:



Perfect Balance Between Exercise & Nap

With its intelligent companion mode, the ball tempts cats to chase it, but also gives them time to nap and rest.



Designed to be Loved 

The tiny Wickedball has synthetic fibre cover and cool LED lights on it. It is specially designed to please paws and sight. 

With its automatic obstacle avoidance system, the ball never gets stuck in corners or other tight spots. It never leaves them alone. 

Pawrents no longer have to manually entertain cats themselves!

Sometimes the energy runs out. But after only 1 hour of recharging it’s ready to play with your cat again! 


Dimensions / Spec



Key Features:

  • Moves by itself - automatic intelligent companion for cats;
  • Hands-free smart moving pet toy, no app required;
  • 10-min play and 30-min rest cycles;
  • 3 interaction modes to match different pet activity levels;
  • Won't get stuck: automatic obstacle avoidance sensor;
  • Built-in catnip/snack hole for extra excitement;
  • Scratch-resistant materials;
  • USB rechargeable: 1-hour of recharging



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