Q: Is it built for strong chewing dogs?

A: Wickedbone & Wickedball are made by FDA food-grade polycarbonate of the body, cover, and the tyres/shell, they are safe for dogs, for strong chewing dogs it may be worth purchasing additional replacement tyres/shell.


Q: Does this bone work on carpet?

A: Yes, Wickedbone can work not only on the carpet but also on the grass.


Q: What if my puppy is scared of the bone?

A: The following steps may help to avoid a situation of scare and also attract your puppy's interest:
i. Put your puppy’s favourite food at the bottom, and then guide to eat the food at the bottom of the bone while helping him to interact with the bone through the food.
ii. Instead of a cell phone connection at the beginning, you may interact with your puppy with a bone in your hand to familiarise the pet with his new toy so he doesn't get scared when it moves.
iii. When the device is connected to your phone, you may leave some time for him to be familiar with Wickedbone by starting with soft actions, i.e. nod head, lift head, etc. Meanwhile, you may customise the setting of “speed, acceleration, and swerve” to be “Slow”.
After several times of familiarity, relevant improvements can be made.


Q: Do I need to buy tyres as well or does it come with tyres?

A: Wickedbone comes with the white tyres, but if you'd like the blue, green or pink tyres, you will need to buy the additional tyre combo.


Q: If I am not home can I still use the app to play with the dog?

A: The Wickedbone app is designed for playing with the dog when you are home as it requires Bluetooth connection when playing. When outside the home you can set it to Interactive Mode which is programmed to attract your dog’s attention and does not require manual operation.


Q: How do I charge the Wickedbone/Wickedball?

A: It comes with the common micro USB charging port.