How to use your Wickedbone


Can I use Wickedbone to play with my dog from work?

Bluetooth was chosen to communicate with the Wickedbone because it's a very low-power solution compared to Wi-Fi. This also means, however, that the Wickedbone isn't internet-enabled (yet!). You can currently play with your dog within a distance of 20 meters.

How can I activate/connect my Wickedbone?

Before connecting your smartphone to Wickedbone, it requires activation. To do so, please plug in the cable to charge the bone for a few seconds until the indicator light flashes yellow, and then unplug the charging cable. Please note that if your smartphone is unable to connect to the Wickedbone while charging. After you unplug the cable, you can open the app and connect as usual.

How long does Wickedbone last after charged?

Ideally, charge for 1 hour, then Wickedbone lasts over 40 minutes in the drive mode and over 4 hours in the interactive mode.

Is Wickedbone waterproof?

Unfortunately, the bone is not waterproof, so be careful of the bone around liquids!

How do I download the Wickedbone app?

Wickedbone app now is available at Google Play and the App Store on iOS. Simply search 'Wickedbone' and you will easily find it, alternatively, you can download the Wickedbone app by scanning the QR code on the User manual.

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